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My name is Johnny McDowell, also known as Johnny Mac. My hunting partner, Dan Blanch and I, have around 80 years of experience in hunting, using our techniques of calling both Bull and Cow Moose.If you look at our hunting successes page, you will see the success we have had over the years. Next we had the opportunity to work on calling Bull Elk, we have had lots of success in that as well. We could see that we had made a difference in the outcome of our hunts, thus Shake Rattle and Paddle was born.The products and knowledge that we offer, are effective and if you use our products and techniques, you too will have more successful hunts. Check out the website and see the products and information we have to offer to make your next trip out in the wilderness, a great experience. If you have any questions about what we do, or about our products, e-mail us or check me out live at any of the seminars or workshops listed in the calendar of events.

Elk and Moose Calling
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Johnny Mac will be at the Hunt Show in Edmonton Alberta on Sept.6th,7th,8th.Come by and check us out.